Field Model


Field Model (FM) is a C++ library designed to provide a model for scientific field data, in particular the large data sets typically produced by supercomputing systems. FM in particular is designed for analysis and visualization uses, i.e., post-processing scenarios or concurrent visualization applications [EHGMS06] where the data are read-only. FM was developed at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division at NASA Ames Research Center, and has been used as one component in the development of visualization applications there (e.g., [EHGMS06,EGM04]). FM features:

Field Model is a follow-on to the Field Encapsulation Library (FEL) project [MHE00]. Like FEL, FM provides abstractions that support polymorphism with mesh and field objects. Also like FEL, FM adopts a consistent lazy-evalution philosophy and features out-of-core paging. Unlike FEL, FM provides a cleaner factoring between core field data abstractions and abstractions specific to a paricular data format, in particular, PLOT3D [WBPE92]. The goal is to be able to easily bring in data from a variety of data sources and formats into a common data model, enhancing the reuse of analysis algorithms written in terms of that model. FM also differs from FEL in that FM is availble as Open Source software.

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Thanks to the NAS Division at NASA Ames Research Center for providing a stimulating research and development environment. Thanks to SourceForge for hosting Field Model.